Each face is unique, it is our identity, the place for mutual recognition and non-verbal communication. Each wrinkle bears witness to our history and emotions, our quality of life… and the passage of time.

That’s why, in our society, it’s the part of our body that we worry about most and that therefore deserves the most care. A luminous face, radiant skin, relaxed features and reduced wrinkles: facial treatments using natural, holistic and anti-ageing manual practices help to support this process.

Age well, without changing our essence.

Kobido facial massage

Kobido, known as the Japanese natural facelift, is an ancient massage practiced mainly on the face. Its effects are such that it offers a second youth to the facial skin.

Facial FreeFlow
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During this entirely personalised facial treatment, I combine several massages and aesthetic techniques to best meet your expectations and needs of your face.