What is FreeFlow Body Massage? It is a massage alliance of precise steps of decontracting massages (such as Deep Tissue, osteopathic techniques…), relaxing with Swedish massage techniques and other oriental massages such as Shiatsu, Amma and Kobido, up to a work of the fasciae in biodynamics, which is subtle but allows us to reach deep pains and blockages.

“FreeFlow” means that it is adapted to the physical and mental state of the person at the moment of the encounter, respecting their needs. I give great importance to letting flow and allowing a communion to be created between the two energies, in the present moment.

For each person, and each moment, a unique massage is created.

The massage is done with natural vegetable oil, on a massage table. I propose sessions of 60 or 90 minutes.

It may be practiced on the whole body, except the sexual parts (at no time is it a tantra or erotic massage).

The benefits of FreeFlow body massage

  • Relaxation: in times of stress, nervousness, irritability, insomnia…
  • Analgesic: muscle contractures, lumbago, back pain
  • Well-being: the feeling of care and accompaniment: a moment dedicated to oneself.
  • Circulatory: Increases blood and lymphatic microcirculation (cellulite, circulation problems due to sedentary lifestyle…).
  • Aesthetic: Improves skin elasticity and visual appearance. Removes dead surface cells and improves the condition of dry skin thanks to the absorption of the oils.

When it provides human support, relaxation and well-being, aiding recovery and health maintenance, FreeFlow body massage becomes, without intending to, a therapeutic act, thus fulfilling several of the functions of the manual therapist: care, prevention, treatment and health promotion.

If you want more information or want to book a session in Parempuyre – Bordeaux (Gironde), you can contact the number 643697981 (also by WhatsApp) or by the contact form.