This massage, which originated in Japan, was adapted to an ergonomic chair by the American David Palmer to relieve the muscular tension of Silicon Valley engineers caused by sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, as well as the stress and pressure accumulated by their responsibilities, etc.

It’s a fast, effective and energetic sequence that allows the employee to leave their workstation in a short space of time, with immediate physical and mental benefits.

Whether it’s implemented as a paid service for the company or as a reward (objectives to be reached, the best employees, incentive gifts or Christmas for example) it will, in all ways, have a beneficial impact on your company’s image, its productivity and the professional life of your employees.

It is also possible to offer this experience to customers or colleagues, at events or visits, as a healthy and pleasant treat.

What are the benefits for your employee or customer?

  • It allows rapid and effective relaxation of the entire back, trapezius and neck.
  • Helps to relax the mind and relieve stress.
  • It provides a lot of energy: with the percussion, stretching, pressure and vibrations, and the work on the energy points and meridians, it provides a lot of vitality and allows you to continue working while feeling rested, but not amorphous.

What are the benefits for your company and its image?

  • It’s an easy massage to integrate. All you need is a space of about 5 m², like a small meeting room. There’s no need to undress, take off your shoes or remove your make-up.
  • It’s a “showcase” massage: short, with the person’s face on the head of the chair, there’s no need for privacy either. You can offer it at events such as fairs, or other public, open-air venues.
  • Give your company a positive image: healthy, demonstrating your concern for the well-being of your employees at work.

If you want more information about the seated amma massage for companies, you can contact the number 643697981 (also by WhatsApp) or through the contact form.

Seated Amma massage in action