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Zen Shiatsu, Kobido natural lifting facial massage and FreeFlow body massage in Parempuyre - Bordeaux (Gironde).

Massage brings the physical and psychological well-being your body needs.


Facial or body massage, both will offer you a unique and personalised experience.

Body Treatments

FreeFlow Body Massage

A holistic massage, an alliance of precise techniques and letting flow, in which the needs of the person are listened to and respected for complete physical and mental relaxation.

Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is a unique form of bodywork that provides the satisfaction of touch along with a profound experience of energy balance. It is based on thousands of years of Eastern philosophy and healing methods.

Amma On Chair

The Amma On Chair massage is a solution to combat stress, nervous tension and to reduce musculoskeletal tension. It is particularly suitable for back pain due to bad posture: for people who work in a seated position in front of a computer, carrying heavy loads, driving a car, etc.

Facial Treatments

Kobido facial massage

Kobido, the ultimate anti-ageing facial massage. It is a natural lifting massage that stimulates the muscles and tissues of the face from surface to depth.

FreeFlow Facial Massage

A facial massage tailored to you where I adapt the most advanced techniques of facial massage: kobido, myofascial, lymphatic drainage… To make your face radiate and recover its natural beauty.

The Space


About Me

Your masseur

I do my work with a lot of love, affection and empathy. Each person I receive is unique and, the moment my hands come into contact with your body, my attention and dedication is complete. You deserve individual care, with respect for your needs.


The Space

Respectful, for you

A space in a place where there is listening and respect, dedicated only to you.



Listening, Communication

Listening, time, attention. Each massage is an exchange where full presence is essential.


AmmaMel Massages
15B Rue Felix Jonc
33290 Parempuyre
Bordeaux (Gironde)